“Fake Olive Tree: Luxurious Greenery for Australian Homes “

18 July 2024

Charm to my home

Hi there! Today, I’m excited to talk about something that has added a touch of elegance and charm to my home – the Fake olive tree. If you love greenery but struggle to keep real plants alive, an artificial olive tree might be just the thing for you. Let me share my experience and some interesting facts about these stylish faux plants.

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The Beauty of the Olive Trees

Before we dive into the artificial version, let’s appreciate the beauty of the olive tree. Olive trees are known for their graceful, slender trunks and silvery-green leaves. They evoke a sense of tranquillity and timeless elegance, reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes and ancient groves.

artificial olive plants
artificial olive plants

Variety and Colors:

One of the exceptional aspects of fake olive trees is the incredible variety and attention to detail available in their design.

Range of Sizes and Shapes

These trees come in various sizes and shapes, from small, compact tabletop versions perfect for desks or shelves to grand, full-sized trees that can become a statement piece in a living room or entryway.

Mimicking Natural Variations

The foliage is crafted to mimic the natural variations found in real olive trees, with leaves in different shades of green, from deep forest hues to lighter, silvery tones. Some fake olive trees even incorporate slight imperfections and colour gradations, giving them a realistic and natural appearance that can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Stage of Fruiting

Another remarkable feature is the option of having artificial olive trees with different fruiting stages. You can find trees adorned with tiny, lifelike olives in varying colours, from unripe green to ripe black, adding an extra layer of authenticity and charm.

Decorative Details

These decorative olives are often made from high-quality materials like plastic or resin, ensuring they maintain their appearance over time. Some fake olive trees also come with faux flowers, mimicking the delicate white blossoms of a real olive tree.

Customization Options

This variety in colours and features allows you to choose an artificial olive tree that best fits your aesthetic preferences and the specific decor needs of your space. Whether you prefer a minimalist design with subtle greens or a more vibrant display with blooming flowers and fruit, a faux olive tree suits every style.

fake artificial tree
fake artificial tree

Why Choose an Artificial Olive Tree?

I know what you might think – why go artificial when the real thing is so beautiful? Well, there are plenty of reasons:

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike real olive trees, which require specific growing conditions, pruning, and care, synthetic olive trees need no maintenance. No watering, no fertilizing, and no worries about pests.
  • Versatility: You can place an artificial olive tree anywhere in your home, regardless of light conditions. They look just as stunning in a dimly lit hallway as they do in a sunny living room.
  • Durability: High-quality faux olive tree are built to last. They won’t wilt, dry out, or drop leaves, ensuring your space looks vibrant all year round.

Unique Features of Fake Olive Tree

Artificial olive trees have come a long way regarding realism and quality. Here are some unique details that make them stand out:

  • Lifelike Leaves: The leaves of a good fake olive tree are made from high-quality silk or plastic and are designed to mimic the colour and texture of real olive leaves. They even have slight variations in colour and size, just like the real thing.
  • Realistic Trunks: Many synthetic olive trees feature trunks made from real wood or moulded from real trees to capture the natural imperfections and beauty of an olive tree’s bark.
  • Olive Fruits: Some fake olive trees come with tiny, realistic olives that add a touch of authenticity and charm.
artificial tree in drawing room
Artificial olive in the living room

Decorating with an Artificial Olive Tree

I love how versatile artificial olive trees are in home decor. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate them into your space:

  • Living Room: Place a tall artificial olive tree in a corner to add height and greenery to your living room. It can complement both modern and traditional decor styles.
  • Entryway: Make a great first impression by placing an artificial olive tree near your front door. It creates a welcoming and stylish entryway.
  • Dining Area: An artificial olive tree can add a touch of elegance to your dining room. Position it near a buffet or in a corner to enhance the ambience during meals.
  • Home Office: Brighten up your workspace with an artificial olive tree. It can help create a calming and productive environment.

Caring for Your Artificial Olive Tree

While they don’t need water or sunlight, artificial olive trees do require a bit of care to keep them looking their best:

  • Dusting: Regularly dust the leaves and trunk to keep them free of dust and looking fresh.
  • Cleaning: If the leaves get particularly dirty, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the materials.
  • Positioning: Avoid placing your faux olive tree in direct sunlight for extended periods, which can cause the colours to fade over time.


The Fauxolive tree is a fantastic addition to any home. It offers the beauty and elegance of a real olive tree without the hassle. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of greenery to your living room, entryway, or office, an artificial olive tree can provide that perfect finishing touch. I hope you enjoyed learning about this wonderful decor option as much as I did. If you have any questions or tips on decorating with artificial plants, please leave a comment below. Happy decorating! 🌿

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