Artificial Spider Plant: Transform Your Home, A Personal Journey

18 July 2024

My Guide:

I recently embarked on a quest to bring more greenery into my home. However, maintaining natural plants was out of the question with my busy schedule. That’s when I discovered the magic of artificial spider plant. Let explain how I’ve used these beautiful plants to enhance my home.

faux spider plant

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Creative Ways of Decoration

When I first decided to add some greenery to my home, artificial spider plants quickly became my go-to. They’re incredibly versatile, look stunningly realistic, and require no maintenance. Here’s how I’ve used them to transform my space into a green oasis.

artificial spider plant indoor decor

1. Spider Plant Display with String Lights

One of my favourite decorating hacks is combining artificial spider plants with string lights. I’ve draped the plants and lights along my living room wall, creating a whimsical, enchanting atmosphere. The soft glow of the lights paired with the lush greenery adds a cosy and magical touch to my evenings.

artificial plant offered gardengreen decoration
artificial plant offered gardengreen decoration

2. Mix N’ Match With Other Plants

Artificial spider plant look fantastic, but mixing them with other faux plants can create a more dynamic and vibrant display. I’ve paired mine with artificial succulents, ferns, and ivy. Various textures and colours add depth and interest to my space, making it feel like a mini indoor jungle.

3. Crown Up Head Planters

One of the quirkiest and most delightful ways I’ve used my artificial spider plant is by placing them in head planters. The plants’ cascading leaves mimic hair, creating a fun and artistic look. These head planters are conversation starters and bring a playful touch to my decor.

artificial spider plants wall decor

4. Hang Them on a Metal Wall Trellis

I recently added a metal wall trellis to my hallway and adorned it with an artificial spider plant. The trellis provides a structured, geometric backdrop contrasting beautifully with the plants’ natural, flowing leaves. It’s an eye-catching feature that draws attention as soon as you walk in.

5. Contemporary Metal Wall Planters

I’ve used contemporary metal wall planters for a sleek, modern look. These planters give a clean, industrial feel that perfectly complements the natural look of the spider plants. They’re ideal for adding greenery to my more minimalist spaces, like the study and home office.

artificial spider flower yellow by gardengreen
artificial spider flower yellow by gardengreen

6. Spider Plants on Kitchen Shelves

Artificial spider plant is perfect for adding a touch of green to my kitchen. I’ve placed a few on my open shelves, where they add a fresh and vibrant feel. The best part is that they’re unaffected by kitchen heat and steam, maintaining their lush appearance all year round.

7. Macramé Hangers

Macramé hangers are a classic way to display spider plants, and they never go out of style. I’ve hung several in my living room and bedroom. The intricate knots of the macramé hangers add a bohemian charm. At the same time, the plants bring a touch of nature.

artificial spider plant in vase

8. Hanging Wonders:

I started by hanging a few artificial spider plants in macramé holders around my living room. The cascading leaves create a lush, natural look that brings life to my walls. I love how they pair with my string lights, creating a cosy, inviting evening atmosphere.

9. Playing with Heights:

One of the most fun aspects of decorating with artificial spider plant is experimenting with different heights. I have some hanging from the ceiling, others perched on high shelves, and a few on lower tables. This variety in placement adds depth and dimension to my rooms, making them feel more dynamic and exciting.

artificial spider hanging planter

10. Stylish Stands:

I’ve placed a few spider plants on sleek stands and shelves for a more grounded look. They work wonderfully on my coffee table and as centrepieces on my dining table. They’re also perfect for those awkward corners that need a little sprucing up.

A Splash of Color

Artificial spider plant aren’t just green. They come in a variety of colours that can match any decor. I’ve seen beautiful variations with white stripes and some with hints of pink or purple. This variety allows me to mix and match to create the perfect look for each room.

artificial spider bridal stage decor
artificial spider flower yellow by gardengreen

1. Classic Green: I love the classic green spider plants for their timeless, natural look. They blend seamlessly with any decor style, from modern to rustic.

2. Variegated Delights: The variegated spider plants’ striking green and white stripes add a touch of elegance and sophistication. They’re perfect for my formal spaces, like the dining room and study.

3. Vibrant Hues: I’ve added some artificial spider plant in pink and purple hues to my children’s playroom and craft space for a fun twist. These pops of colour bring a playful and cheerful vibe to the rooms.

Perfect for Every Occasion, Bringing Life to My Home

The first thing that struck me about artificial spider plant is their lifelike appearance. They look so real that even my friends must touch them to believe they’re not! They’re incredibly versatile and can be used for various events and celebrations.

1. Parties and Gatherings: I used artificial spider plant as table settings for my last house party and incorporated them into the photo backdrop. They added a fresh, inviting touch that my guests adored.

artificial spider hanging planter

2. Seasonal Decorations: During the holidays, I weave them into my seasonal decor. For Christmas, they pair beautifully with fairy lights and ornaments. In the spring, they complement my Easter decorations perfectly.

3. Special Events: Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, artificial spider plants add a touch of elegance and nature without the worry of wilting. They’re also great for outdoor events where natural plants might not survive the elements

faux spider plant


Artificial spider plants have become a staple in my decorating toolkit. They’re versatile, available in various colours, and perfect for any occasion. If you want to add some greenery to your space without the hassle of maintenance, I highly recommend trying artificial spider plants. They’ve brought much joy and beauty into my home, and I’m sure they will do the same for you.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Do spider plants produce flowers?

Spider plants don’t produce flowers, but they do produce long stems. In some spaces, yes, spider plants do produce small white flowers.

What is a Spider Flower?

The spider flower, also known as Cleome, is an annual plant renowned for its exceptionally long seedpods. As the flowers bloom and progress upward on the stalk, these seedpods form below, giving the plant a unique, spidery appearance. This distinctive look is further enhanced by the flower’s protruding stamens.

Where to buy quality artificial spider plant?

High-quality silk versions can appear surprisingly realistic and natural. Hanging them can further enhance their natural appearance. So, where can you find these quality faux spider plants? Amazon offers a variety of silk plants that fit the bill.

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