5 Best white artificial flowers That Look Shockingly Real

Searching for white artificial flowers that actually look real? I’ve bought some real-looking white artificial flowers that ended up with cool ideas of decoration on different occasions.

The best white artificial flowers today look so much like the real thing that you have to touch them to tell. Trust me, I was shocked at how beautiful and lifelike some of them are. 

In this article, I want to share the top five white artificial flowers that passed my test and looked shockingly real. I’ll walk you through exactly what I looked for in high-quality, realistic blooms so you can assess for yourself. 

With the right information, you can score beautiful faux flowers and save yourself the disappointment of cheap knock-offs.

Let’s dive in to my picks for the most gorgeous, natural looking white artificial flowers that will have you doing a double-take!

Buying Guide for Artificial Flowers

White Artificial flowers have come a long way from the plastic varieties of years past. Today’s artificial flowers look incredibly realistic and make a gorgeous addition to any home decor. 

When shopping for white artificial flowers, here are some key factors to consider:

Realism: Look for flowers made from high-quality silk or other materials that closely mimic the texture, colors, and subtle imperfections of live blooms. The more realistic they look, the better.

Variety: Choose bouquet mixes and assortments that include a diverse range of flower types, shapes, sizes and colors for a natural look.

Durability: Artificial flowers are an investment, so opt for blooms made from durable materials that won’t fray, fade or fall apart too quickly. Quality faux flowers can last years.

Low Maintenance: A major perk of artificial flowers is that they don’t require any maintenance like watering or pruning. Opt for artificial white flowers that retain their beauty without upkeep.

Value: Bigger, more elaborate bouquets typically come with a bigger price tag. Make sure you’re getting a good value for the quality and quantity of flowers.

Top 5 Artificial Flower Reviews

Comparison table of white artificial flowers

Realism Colors Stems Size Quantity Price Use Cases
JOEJISN Tulips Look incredibly lifelike and natural Milk White 11.7 inches/30 cm 13.7 inches/35 cm 30 stems included Budget-friendly price Great for casual, everyday arrangements
Hawesome Roses Nearly indistinguishable from real roses White 2.4 inches /6 cm head :4.7 inches/12 cm. Bud : 2.4 inches /6 cm.  12 roses in set Mid-high price range Perfect for formal displays
XONOR Peonies Very realistic with dense, multilayered petals White cream blooms 05 thin but sturdy, bendable stems height about 29cm large flowers & 4 flower core. Very affordable price point Bold arrangements and bountiful pops of color
Flojery Hydrangeas Subtle details capturing real hydrangeas Ivory 4.7 7″;height:4.7″,stems lengeth:9″ Pack of 10 (Ivory) Mid-high price range Create full, abundant arrangements
Calla Lilies Precisely mimics real calla trumpet shape and texture White 12.9 slender yet flexible stems 5.8D x 34.5W x 7.6H centimetres Set of 20 calla stems Very budget-friendly price Ideal for minimalist, modern floral designs

1. JOEJISN 30pcs Artificial Tulips Flowers – View On Amazon


What is JOEJISN Artificial Tulips?

JOEJISN artificial tulips are realistic silk tulip flowers sold in a set of 30 stems. The artificial tulip stems are long with bloom heads. Made from durable silk, these artificial tulips look amazingly lifelike and won’t fade or fall apart. The 30 piece set offers great value and flexibility.

Why Use JOEJISN Artificial Tulips?

JOEJISN artificial tulips are a gorgeous and hassle-free way to enjoy the beauty of tulips in your home all year round. Here are some of the top reasons to use these artificial white flowers:

  1. Realistic appearance: These tulips feature delicate petals that perfectly mimic real tulips in color, texture, and detail.
  2. UV resistant: Made of high-quality silk, these tulips won’t fade in sunlight. Their color stays vibrant for many years.
  3. Long-lasting: These artificial tulips won’t wilt or require any maintenance. Just arrange them as desired and enjoy their beauty.
  4. Great value: Get 30 stems for a very reasonable price. Create stunning arrangements without spending a fortune.
  5. Mix and match: With 30 stems in 3 color varieties, these tulips provide lots of flexibility for arrangements.

Tips for Decorating with JOEJISN Artificial Tulips

  1. Display them in a vase or jar on kitchen/dining tables, coffee tables, nightstands, and more.
  2. Create DIY wreaths and garlands with them for doors, walls, stair railings.
  3. Cluster them in wall hangings, swags, and other focal points.
  4. Mix them into floral centerpieces or arrangements with other faux flowers.
  5. Use them in indoor pots and planters for quick pops of color.
  6. Give them as gifts for birthdays, mother’s day, teacher appreciation, and more.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Realistic silk tulip appearance Stems are thin and can bend
Vibrant, fade-resistant colors No scent like real tulips
Great value for 30 stems Limited color palette – just pink, red and ivory
Durable, long-lasting silk Occasional defective stem
Easy to arrange and use

How to Use and Arrange JOEJISN Artificial Tulips

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to arranging JOEJISN artificial tulips:

  1. Remove tulips from packaging and trim stems as desired with floral shears.
  2. Clean and fill a vase with water if using a water vase display.
  3. Begin arranging tulips by crossing stems and varying heights. Group in bunches of 3-5 stems.
  4. Arrange the largest tulip varieties in back and shorter stems in front for a cascading effect.
  5. Place blooms so open flowers face outwards for best visibility.
  6. Add other filler flowers and greens to add fullness and contrast if desired.
  7. Set finished arrangement on a table, shelf, entryway or mantel to enjoy!
  8. To refresh, trim stem ends and replace water every 1-2 weeks. Replace wilted blooms as needed.

Different Uses for JOEJISN Artificial Tulips

Beyond traditional vase displays, there are endless creative uses for these lifelike faux tulips:

  1. Centerpieces for dining room tables, buffets, kitchen islands
  2. Desktop arrangements for home office, work office or dorm room
  3. Nightstand or dresser top accents in bedrooms
  4. Coffee table centerpieces in living room spaces
  5. Mantel garland accents in spring-inspired displays
  6. Wreaths on doors, walls or as dining chair decor
  7. Decorative swags on stair railings or curtains
  8. Mixed flower bouquets and arrangements
  9. Holiday displays for Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day
  10. Focal flowers for DIY terrariums and potted arrangements
  11. Statement stems in short bud vases

2. Hawesome 12PCS Artificial Silk Flowers Realistic Roses View On Amazon


What are Hawesome Artificial Roses?

Hawesome artificial roses are a set of 12 high-quality, realistic faux rose blooms crafted from luxe silk fabric. Each stem has a fabric flower head measuring 3-4 inches across. 

The straight, non-bendable stems give arrangements a formal feel. Made to last for years without maintenance.

Why Use Hawesome Artificial Roses?

Hawesome artificial roses are a luxurious, no-fuss way to have beautiful bouquets in your home all year. Here’s why they’re a great choice:

  1. Hyper-realistic: Expertly designed to capture everything from the velvety texture to subtle imperfections. Hard to tell they’re fake.
  2. Luxe look: Elegant, large-headed blooms on straight stems give arrangements a high-end feel.
  3. Always in season: Gorgeous roses that never wilt, die or require care. Enjoy them anytime.
  4. Ideal gift: Sophisticated and romantic, they make perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts.
  5. Affordable luxury: Get designer quality at a fraction of the cost of real roses.

Tips for Decorating with Hawesome Faux Roses

  1. Create lavish centerpieces for dining room tables in glass vases or bowls.
  2. Mix different color roses for bold, contrasting bouquet displays.
  3. Pair them with other ornate décor items like candelabras, pearls, crystal vases.
  4. Float single stems in elegant bud vases displayed around the home.
  5. Give them as hostess gifts or party favors tied with ribbon.
  6. Use flower heads interchangeably on headbands, corsages, etc.

Why Choose Hawesome Artificial Roses?

Hawesome roses stand out from other fake roses with:

  1. Hyper-realistic design: Mimics every delicate vein, fold and texture with stunning accuracy. Hard to visually distinguish from live roses.
  2. Premium materials: Made with durable, high-quality silk that retains vivid color and a silky soft feel for years.
  3. Generous size: Approximately 4 inch diameter flower heads have an opulent, bold look.
  4. Beautiful coloring: Available in vibrant cream, burgundy and blush pink. Rich tones with subtle variations.
  5. Positive reviews: Customers rave over their realistic elegance and value for money.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Extremely realistic, high-quality silk roses Expensive compared to most fake roses
Generous bloom heads Limited stem flexibility – can’t bend or shape
Vibrant cream, blush pink and burgundy colors Need to be handled gently to avoid damaging
Long straight stems for formal arrangements No variation in flower sizes
Retain beauty for years with normal care Ships in small box that crushes stems and petals

How to Arrange and Display Hawesome Artificial Roses

Follow these simple steps for gorgeous displays every time:

  1. Carefully remove roses from packaging by the stems to avoid damaging blooms.
  2. Use floral shears to trim stems evenly to desired height. Cut at an angle.
  3. Arrange roses in odd numbers (3, 5 etc.) and cross stems at different heights for a natural look.
  4. Place your largest, showiest roses centrally and use smaller blooms to frame the arrangement.
  5. Consider mixing in complementary fillers like baby’s breath or greenery for fullness.
  6. Choose a polished vase that suits the roses’ elegant style, like crystal, silver or porcelain.
  7. Place arrangement on table, entryway, mantel or anywhere that needs a touch of sophistication.

Different Uses for Hawesome Artificial Roses

  1. Formal dining table centerpieces
  2. Romantic gift bouquets for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day
  3. Luxurious bedroom accents on nightstands or dressers
  4. Statement coffee table arrangements in living rooms
  5. Mantel garland focal points
  6. Floating single stems in bud vases around the home
  7. Corsages and boutonnieres for weddings or formal events
  8. Rose petal confetti for special occasions
  9. Home décor like wreaths, flower balls and swags
  10. Holiday displays for Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Years Eve

3. XONOR 4 Packs Artificial Peony Silk Flowers View On Amazon

XONOR 3 Packs Artificial Peony Silk

What are XONOR Artificial Peonies?

XONOR artificial peonies are realistic fake peony flowers made from soft silk. They’re sold in a set of  bunches. The dense flower heads looks so beautiful on formal settings. 

Stems are straight and long but can be trimmed as needed. Hundreds of fabric petals are carefully shaped and layered to mimic real peonies. The silk peonies can be bent and shaped for arrangements.

Why Use XONOR Artificial Peonies?

Artificial peonies like these from XONOR are a gorgeous way to enjoy peony blooms year round with no upkeep required. Here’s why they’re so useful:

  1. Always in bloom: Peonies have a short natural bloom season. Faux peonies look fresh year-round.
  2. Vibrant color: Hot pink, coral and cream colors pop against any decor. Won’t fade over time.
  3. Low maintenance: No deadheading, watering, sunlight or care needed. Just place and enjoy.
  4. Budget friendly: Get lush blooms for a fraction of the cost of real peonies.
  5. Easy decorating: Large, full flowers effortlessly fill spaces with color and texture.

Tips for Decorating with XONOR Artificial Peonies

  1. Make big, bountiful centerpieces for dining room tables, sideboards and mantels.
  2. Cluster stems together in masses for maximal color impact.
  3. Pair with delicate flowers like baby’s breath for contrast.
  4. Use floral wire to shape stems if needed for arrangements.
  5. Cut a few stems to float in a clear vase or bowl of water.
  6. Place a bouquet on an entryway table, desktop or nightstand.

Why Choose XONOR Artificial Peonies?

Some reasons to choose XONOR artificial peonies include:

  1. Affordable price:  High quality blooms for a very low cost. Great value.
  2. Lovely colors: Available in warm, trendy pink, coral and cream shades perfect for any season or décor.
  3. Bendable stems: Stems are pliable wire wrapped with fabric, allowing you to bend and shape blooms.
  4. Positive reviews: Over 3,000 happy customers praise the beautiful, realistic flowers and value.
  5. Full, lush blooms: The  dense flower heads make a seriously gorgeous impact when bunched.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Gorgeous, full peony blooms Slightly shiny, satin finish on blooms
Trendy pink, coral and cream colors Stems are thin and bendable but delicate
low price No fragrance
Wire wrapped stems can be shaped Occasional snapping at stem base
Dense, multiply layered silk petals Limited color selection
Long 20″ stems for arranging New flowers may have crushed petals

How to Arrange and Display XONOR Artificial Peonies

Follow these tips for stunning peony arrangements every time:

  1. Carefully unwrap peonies and gently reshape any crushed petals or stems.
  2. Use sharp floral shears to trim stems to varying heights as desired.
  3. Arrange stems in bunches of 3, 5 or 7 blooms. Vary heights and angles.
  4. Place blooms close together so they support each other in the arrangement.
  5. Add filler like baby’s breath, greenery and other flowers throughout for accent.
  6. Display arrangements in a vase or container complementing the flowers’ colors.
  7. Refresh water every 2 weeks for clean, long-lasting tabletop displays.

Different Uses for XONOR Artificial Peonies

  1. Gorgeous yet easy centerpieces for dining and coffee tables.
  2. Romantic bedroom accents on nightstands and dressers.
  3. Chic office desk arrangements to brighten workspaces.
  4. Whimsical wreaths, garlands and flower balls on walls and railings.
  5. Eclectic mantel or sideboard focal point arrangements.
  6. Holiday displays for Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentines Day.
  7. Feminine floral gift bouquets for birthdays and anniversaries.
  8. Bridesmaid bouquets and corsages for

4. Flojery Silk Hydrangea Heads Artificial Flower Review View On Amazon

Flojery Silk Hydrangea Heads Artificial Flowers

What are Flojery Silk Hydrangeas?

Flojery hydrangeas are clusters of realistic silk hydrangea blooms sold in a set of pieces. Each flower head cluster wide in shades of Purple, Green, Pink and Blue

Hydrangea clusters can be separated into smaller pieces or left full. Made from durable silk, these convincing faux hydrangeas capture the voluminous, colorful look of real hydrangea shrubs.

Why Use Flojery Silk Hydrangeas?

Flojery’s realistic silk hydrangeas offer a gorgeous, fuss-free way to enjoy these flowers year-round. Here’s why they’re so useful:

  • Bring seasons to life: Hydrangeas bloom in spring and summer. Faux varieties keep that fresh seasonal feel at any time.
  • No wilt or care: Real hydrangeas are finicky. Fake ones look pristine forever with zero maintenance.
  • Bold styling impact: The big clustered blooms make a huge visual statement in arrangements.
  • Mix and match: With blue, pink, purple, and green options, the decorating possibilities are endless!
  • Affordable abundance: Get full blooms for a fraction of the cost of real hydrangeas.

Tips for Decorating with Flojery Silk Hydrangeas

  1. Create a abundance of color on tables and mantels with clustered hydrangea heads.
  2. Integrate them into wreaths, swags or flower balls for vibrant seasonal door décor.
  3. Pair with Queen Anne’s lace, ferns, ivy for lush, romantic arrangements.
  4. Place small clusters down the length of the table as centerpieces for long tables.
  5. Weave into greenery garlands to highlight doors, railings, and architectural details.
  6. Float just a few stems in a glass vase for a simple yet impactful look.

Why Choose Flojery Artificial Hydrangeas?

There are a few key reasons why Flojery artificial hydrangeas are a top pick:

  • Realistic details: From subtle color variations to delicate petals and clustering, the realism is unmatched.
  • Vibrant mix of colors: Vivid purple, green, pink and blue for bold, on-trend arrangements.
  • Bendable stems: Stems are thin wire wrapped with fabric that can be gently shaped as needed.
  • Full, lush clusters: The large cluster heads create full, abundant displays.
  • Solid customer reviews: Hundreds of happy customers highlight the realism, beauty, and great value.

Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
Realistic silk hydrangea clusters Limited attached stem length
Vivid mix of on-trend colors No noticeable flower scent
Bendable, posable stems Occasional snapping of stems from base
Cluster blooms make statement Need multiples for full arrangements
Over 50 blooms for low cost Possible crushed/bent petals when packed
Retain beauty for years with care

How to Arrange and Display Flojery Faux Hydrangeas

Follow this simple guide for gorgeous hydrangea displays every time:

  1. Gently unwrap hydrangea cluster blooms to avoid crushing delicate petals and stems.
  2. Use floral shears to trim down short stems to desired length for arranging.
  3. Separate large clusters into smaller pieces with 2-4 blooms each.
  4. Arrange in groupings of varying heights angled in different directions.
  5. Place clusters close together so they support each other.
  6. Fill in any gaps with complimentary greens, vines or flowers.
  7. Choose a vase, pot or container to complement your arrangement style.
  8. Refresh water every 1-2 weeks and replace wilted blooms to keep looking fresh.

Different Uses for Flojery Fake Hydrangeas

Flojery’s realistic silk hydrangea clusters work beautifully for:

  1. Abundant dining table, coffee table, sideboard centerpieces
  2. Eclectic mantel or console table floral displays
  3. Whimsical wreaths, swags and garlands on walls, doors and railings
  4. Focal flowers for DIY terrariums and container gardens
  5. Filler in large mixed bouquets and arrangements
  6. Floral gift bundles and seasonally inspired home decor
  7. Lush tablescape accents and popup event decor

5. 20Pcs Calla Lily Fake White Flowers View On Amazon

White artificial Flower

What are Fake White Calla Lilies?

These artificial calla lilies are faux white calla flower stems sold in a set of 20. Each stem has a single trumpet-shaped calla blossom. The flowers sit atop straight stems that can be bent and shaped as desired. Made from a silky foam material with plastic stem, these realistic calla lily stems work beautifully in floral designs and home decor.

Why Use Fake Calla Lilies?

Here are some of the great benefits of using artificial calla lilies instead of real flowers:

  • Always in bloom: Real callas have relatively short bloom times. Faux callas look fresh year-round.
  • No maintenance: Fake callas don’t require any special care, water or handling. Just place them and enjoy.
  • Styling versatility: Bendable stems make it easy to arrange callas in any shape or direction.
  • Budget friendly: Get 20 realistic calla stems for a fraction of the cost of real blooms.
  • Delicate beauty: Callas add gorgeous texture and elegant style to any space or decor theme.

Tips for Decorating with Artificial Calla Lilies

  1. Create minimalist table vases with just a few calla stems floating in water.
  2. Incorporate into boho, tropical or beach-themed decor arrangements.
  3. Make modern floral art wreaths with callas weaved through a wreath base.
  4. Pair them with simple greenery like palms or ferns for contrast.
  5. Arrange callas in multiples to make a striking statement.

Why Choose These Fake Calla Lilies?

Here’s why these make a great faux calla lily choice:

  • Realistic details: From delicate throat folds to matte finish, they capture a real calla lily’s details.
  • Bendable stems: Stems can be curved, angled and crossed for flexible arranging.
  • Good value: 20 quality blooms for a very affordable price compared to other brands.
  • Easy decor integration: Simple, elegant blooms pair with any decor style or color palette.
  • Positive reviews: Hundreds of happy customers highlight how gorgeous and realistic they are.

Pros and Cons  

Pros Cons
Realistic fabric trumpet blossoms Lack natural calla fragrance
bendable stems for arranging Occasional torn or wrinkled petals
Simple, elegant style fits any decor Foam blossoms less durable over time
very affordable price No variation in color
Minimal effort decor addition Stems prone to bending
Easy to shape and style Petals show wear with rough handling

How to Arrange and Display Fake Callas

Follow these tips for stunning faux calla lily arrangements:

  1. Carefully unwrap flowers by the stems to avoid damage.
  2. Use floral shears to trim stems to desired heights, cutting on an angle.
  3. Arrange stems at alternating heights and angles for depth and asymmetry.
  4. Group together stems in bunches of 3, 5, or 7 for visual impact.
  5. Place in a clean vase, ensuring foam blossoms aren’t submerged in water.
  6. Refresh vase water 1-2 times per week for clean, long-lasting displays.
  7. Gently reshape bent petals with fingers to restore realistic blossoms as needed over time.

Different Uses for Fake White Calla Lilies

On their long, flexible stems, these faux callas are gorgeous for:

  • Minimal modern tabletop vase arrangements
  • Tropical-inspired decor inentryways, patios, poolside
  • Modern floral art wreaths, garlands and installations
  • Luxe bedroom and bathroom accents
  • Whimsical home accents mixed with vines, palms, moss
  • All-white wedding bouquets and centerpieces
  • Simple yet elegant sympathy flower gifts
  • Effortless elegance in office spaces, galleries, events

Final thoughts:

When it comes to white artificial flowers that look deceptively real, these five white varieties truly take home the prize for authenticity. 

let’s be honest, sometimes real flowers can be a bit messy or high maintenance for certain spaces. These hyper-realistic white artificial flowers picks let you fashion gorgeous arrangements and accents that stay picture perfect with zero upkeep.

Their endless versatility takes the stress out of styling. Personally, I’m tempted to collect them all.

Let me know if this gives you a helpful starting point for picking out believable blooms that will fool even the sharpest eyes. I’m happy to chat more if you have any other questions!

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