Installing artificial grass on your balcony can totally transform the vibe of your outdoor space. Let’s be real. How To Choose Artificial Grass For Balcony? Plain concrete or tile floors feel kind of sterile and cold.

Artificial grass adds nice softness underfoot, some natural-looking color, and helps your balcony feel more like an extension of the indoors. 

Quality synthetic grass can turn even a tiny balcony into a cozy garden oasis without needing a ton of upkeep.

But choosing the right artificial grass and properly installing it takes a little thought. The artificial grass needs to stand up to sun, rain, wind, and people walking on it day after day.

You’ll want something durable but still natural looking. Making sure the grass drains well and sealing the seams smoothly will help avoid issues later on.

This guide walks through the key stuff to think about when picking out artificial grass for balcony.

Key Considerations When Selecting Artificial Grass for Balcony

When it comes to choosing a best artificial grass for balcony, you’ll want to evaluate a few important factors:


Your artificial grass will be exposed to the elements on a balcony, including plenty of sunlight and some precipitation, depending on your climate. Durability is essential.

Look for turf made from materials like polyethylene or nylon that resist fading and degradation from UV rays. Opt for a dense, thick pile that can handle regular foot traffic without flattening or developing worn paths.

Realistic appearance 

A key goal with artificial grass is for it to closely replicate the look of natural lawn grass. When viewing turf samples, study the blade texture, thatch layer, and color options.

The most realistic grasses mimic the variety of shades and textures found in real grass. High-quality synthetic blades are flexible and varied, not stiff and monotone.


Unlike grass, most balconies are impermeable concrete or tile. Be sure to choose an artificial turf product that allows rainwater to drain through rather than pooling on the surface. Good drainage prevents problems like mold growth and slip hazards. Look for a backing that allows moisture to seep through.


Measure the square footage of your balcony before purchasing materials to ensure you buy enough turf. Calculate the area needing coverage and account for an additional 10% more for seams and edges. If your balcony has an irregular shape, opt for modular tiles that can fit around corners and obstacles.

Maintenance requirements  

While fake grass requires less maintenance than real turf, it’s not completely care-free. Expect to need to occasionally rinse debris, spot clean stains, and fluff the blades. Just like real lawns, artificial grass looks best with regular grooming.

Maintenance Requirements Video


Synthetic grass costs $2 to $12 per square foot, depending on the quality. More durable and lush turf carpet will fall at the higher end. Make sure to account for additional materials like adhesive, base padding, infill, and seam tape when budgeting your project. Quality shows over time.

Types of Artificial Grass for Balconies

When I was researching options for my new apartment balcony, I have to admit I was overwhelmed by all the choices for artificial grass carpets and turf tiles.

But taking time to understand what makes the best artificial grass for balconies totally paid off. Now I love stepping outside into my own private urban oasis!

Here are some types that I love to share:

Rolls: Grass rolls come in standard widths of 4 or 5 feet and can be cut to length. They allow for the most seamless installation on balconies.

Tiles: Interlocking grass tiles connect together for DIY installation. They’re lighter in weight but have more seams. Easy to install and remove.

Mats: Smaller grass mats are lightweight and good for covering patio furniture or accent areas but won’t cover an entire balcony.

Any of these can potentially work, but pay close attention to the quality of materials and manufacturing. Cheaper grass carpet is prone to fading and matting. Splurge for a denser knit and thicker backing to get a lush lawn that lasts.

Tips for Properly Installing artificial grass on Your Balcony

Once you select the right artificial grass, the key to making it look seamless lies in the proper installation. Follow these tips when laying your turf:

Prepare the surface

Make sure the balcony floor is totally smooth, clean, and dry first. Use a pressure washer and concrete cleaning chemicals to remove any residue or stains from the slab. Level any uneven spots with patching compound.

Add drainage

Use a drill to make holes throughout the balcony floor so water has somewhere to drain. You can also add a drainage mat before installing the grass.

Lay weed barrier

For an added buffer between the hard floor and turf, roll out landscape fabric or special synthetic underlayment. This also blocks any weeds.

Unroll the turf

Lay your grass carpet pieces in position and unroll over the entire area. Let it relax and settle for a couple hours before cutting.

Trim precisely: 

Using a utility knife, carefully cut along the perimeter to fit the exact footprint of your balcony. For modular tiles, trim between pieces for a perfect fit.

Secure the edges

Use adhesive, nails, staples, or boards around the perimeter to firmly secure the grass in place. Rugs can hold tiles.

Fill infill

For synthetic turf, spread and broom in the sand and rubber infill granules per manufacturer instructions. This stabilizes the fibers.

Hide the seams: 

On seams between grass strips or tiles, spread adhesive and press together firmly. Use seam tape or caulk for full bond.

Top Artificial Grass Brands for Balcony Use

There are many brands of artificial grass to choose from. Some top manufacturers for balcony turf include:

ZeonSoft: Realistic looking and soft synthetic balcony grass. Dense nylon blades with UV inhibitors.

Wonderlawn: Durable and fade-resistant artificial turf perfect for balconies. Stain resistant.

SynLawn: Professional grade synthetic grass designed for landscapes and pets. Withstands traffic.

ForeverLawn: Variety of dense, natural looking artificial grass options. Good warranty.

GrasssTex: Affordable artificial turf for balconies or patio rugs. Easy DIY product.

Greenstreak: Commercial grade synthetic turf ideal for rooftops and balconies. Natural appearance.

Shop around and compare samples. Higher cost turf is often worth it long term, as cheaper materials degrade faster outside. Aim for at least a 10-year warranty.

What Does Artificial Grass Cost for a Balcony?

You can ballpark the cost of installing synthetic grass on a balcony based on the square footage and materials:

Don’t forget to factor in other supplies like seam tape, adhesive, drainage matting, infill, and fasteners. Better turf may save on chemicals, water, and maintenance versus natural grass.

Tips for Caring for Your Balcony’s Artificial Grass

Artificial grass needs occasional maintenance to look its best:

With routine care, quality artificial grass for balconies can retain its lush appearance for many years on your balcony. Installation does take some sweat equity, but after that you can enjoy a green urban oasis with very little maintenance required. 


If you invest in high quality materials and take care with the installation, your artificial grass can handle sun, rain, pets and years of use without flattening or fading. It does take some work upfront, but trust me, replacing that cold concrete with a lush artificial lawn is so worth it for making your outdoor living space more enjoyable.

Just do your homework, get the right grass for your needs, and install it properly. Then you can have the perfect green balcony you look forward to relaxing in after work. 

It really does wonder for extending your living space. Anytime I’m sitting at my bistro set with that soft grass under my feet, I’m so glad I went for it!

If you want to see how good a artificial grass for balcony is, I suggest getting samples of it. Leave a comment below to help other people choose the right grass for their area.

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