Finding beautiful Blue Artificial Flowers, vibrant flowers to decorate your home or an event can be a challenge. Fresh cut flowers are lovely but expensive and short-lived. Before you know it, those once radiant blooms start wilting and shedding petals everywhere. 

Replacements add up fast, not to mention the hassle of keeping them watered and clean. Blue artificial flowers can provide beauty without the burdens, but where do you even start? With so many options out there, how do you know which faux flowers will add elegance without looking cheap and fake?

Well, we took the guesswork out for you. After lots of research and testing, we’re spotlighting five artificial flower products that will infuse your space with beauty. Read on to discover stunning blue artificial flowers and more that look and feel so realistic. 

I’m sure that this article will save you time and effort by letting you know what  blue artificial flowers are best suited to you and what you need to keep in mind your budget and demand. 

I’m offering a comparative table to help you determine your needs.  This helps you find the best product.

Comparison Table Of Blue Artificial Flowers

Product Type Size Color Options Quantity Uses Realism
Flojery Royal Blue Silk Roses Rose stems Each rose is about 20 inch Royal blue Pack of 10 stems Wedding, decor Good from a distance, decent up close
Aviviho Hydrangea Silk Flower Heads Hydrangea Artificial Flowers 7 inches in diameter, the stems are 9.5 inches Royal blue 54 petals in each bloom Home Decor Nice details, realistic hydrangea look
BOMAROLAN Artificial Baby’s Breath Baby’s Breath 21″length flower, 3″diameter head Dark Blue 12 PCS baby breath pack Party, Living Room, Home Decoration, Wedding Decor Fluffy fabric bushes mimic gypsophila, decent quality
Artificial Jasmine Flowers jasmine each 29.5’’ tall Blue 10 long artificial jasmine Bouquet, Reusable, Wedding Small realistic blossoms, graceful look
LUSHIDI Silk Hydrangea Heads Vine, Cherry Blossom, Baby’s Breath, Hydrangea, and Rose diameter:7″, height:4.7″, stems length:9″, 54 petals in each bloom Classic Blue 10pcs artificial hydrangea home decoration High quality realism and fullness


1. Flojery 10pcs Royal Blue Silk Roses Artificial Rose Flowers – View On Amazon

What are Flojery Artificial Roses?

Looking for beautiful roses that don’t wilt or require care? Blue artificial flowers check all the boxes. Their roses are crafted from soft silk plastic that mimics velvety real rose petals. You get 10 stems in each pack, each with blooms 20 inches long. 

The flower heads have a pretty royal blue effect, transitioning from deep blue at the base to lighter blue tips. The green iron wire stems remain flexible, so you can bend and shape the roses easily into arrangements. Small life-like green leaves add extra realism.

They’re an affordable way to enjoy gorgeous roses anytime without the thorns and hassle of real ones!

Why Choose Flojery Artificial Roses

Flojery artificial roses offer some nice benefits:

Why Use Artificial Roses

Artificial roses have several advantages over fresh roses:

  1. Lasting Beauty:  Real roses only last about a week. Fake roses look pristine for months or years without wilting or dying.
  2. Convenience:  You don’t have to water or prune artificial roses. Great for low maintenance decor. Can be reused year after year.
  3. Cost Savings:  Artificial roses have higher upfront cost but save money long term over buying real flowers repeatedly.
  4. Flexibility: Can bend and shape silk rose stems easily. Create perfect floral arrangements.
  5. Wide Uses:  Artificial roses work for home decor, weddings, parties, gifts and crafts. Use to make wreaths, bouquets, centerpieces and more.

Tips for Decorating with Artificial Roses

  1. Cluster roses together for a fuller bouquet look. Use filler greenery and rose.
  2. Style roses in vases, pots or baskets. Choose complementary vase colors like blue or silver.
  3. Create rose petal scatter arrangements on tables or walkways for events.
  4. Make miniature rose arrangements in bud vases for table centerpieces or gifts.
  5. Incorporate blue roses into wedding bouquets and décor for something blue.
  6. Display single stems in slender bud vases on shelves, bookcases or mantels.

Tips for Artificial Flower Beginners

If working with fake flowers is new to you, keep these tips in mind:

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Realistic appearance Still not quite as lovely as real roses
Long lasting Limited color selection
Easy care and maintenance Flower heads are on the small side
Good value for the price Stems are thin and only semi-flexible
Vibrant royal blue color Ships from overseas can take weeks to arrive
Bulk pack of 10 matching roses

Buying Guide

When looking to buy artificial roses, consider the following:

Look for detailed petals, subtle color variations, and realistic stems and leaves. The Flojery roses have a good level of realism for the price.

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2. Aviviho Hydrangea Silk Flowers Heads – View On Amazon

What are Aviviho Hydrangea Silk Flowers?

Aviviho’s faux hydrangeas blue artificial flowers capture the look of fresh hydrangea heads at a fraction of the price. Each stem has a cluster of 9.5 inches long tiny individual blooms gathered into a fabric and foam flower head. The foam gives shape, while the 54 silk petals offer realistic texture. 

At 6 inches in diameter, they’re a nice medium size for arrangements. Pick either a vivid blue/purple or classic white color. Blue artificial flowers have flexible 9.5 inch stems made with bendable iron wire that allow you to curve and shape the hydrangeas as needed. 

With each pack containing 12 perfectly matched stems ready for cutting and arranging, you’ll have a gorgeous bouquet in no time!

Why Use Fake Hydrangeas in Décor

Artificial hydrangeas have some great benefits for home décor:

Tips for Decorating with Fake Hydrangeas

  1. Pair white hydrangeas with bold colors like red or metallics for contrast
  2. Use light blue or purple shades to complement a spring or summer color palette
  3. Group stems together to form fuller looking hydrangea bushes
  4. Display cut hydrangea stems individually in slim vases on shelves and side tables
  5. Mix hydrangea clusters into eclectic floral arrangements and centerpieces
  6. Highlight blue or purple hydrangeas with silver vases and decor accents

Why Choose Aviviho Artificial Hydrangeas?

Aviviho fake hydrangeas are a smart choice for these reasons:

Tips for Beginners Working with Fake Flowers

If artificial flowers are new to you, here are some useful tips:

  1. Choose quality blue artificial flowers and plants that look realistic and appealing to you. Touching and seeing help when buying.
  2. Use good floral scissors or cutters for trimming stems. Remove any leaves that will sit below the water line.
  3. Keep arrangements well hydrated with fresh water and plant food to avoid wilting.
  4. Use clear monofilament blue artificial flower tape to tape stems together for sturdier arrangements.
  5. Bend flexible stems and position flowers to your liking to create natural shapes.
  6. Mix different flowers, greenery, and fillers to make unique, fuller looking arrangements.
  7. Display finished arrangements in proper vases or containers to complement the overall look.

Pros and Cons of Aviviho Hydrangeas

Pros Cons
Realistic details Limited color selection (blue/purple or white)
Good medium size Only available with green stems
Beautiful dense hydrangea look Petals prone to some shedding
Reasonable low price Not as full as premium hydrangeas
Convenient bulk pack of 12 Stems are thin and bendable but not posable
Flexible stems for shaping Shipping from overseas can take weeks

Buying Guide for Artificial Hydrangeas

When buying faux hydrangeas, here are some factors to consider:

Arranging Process with Aviviho Hydrangeas

  1. Remove any excess stem greenery that will sit below the water line.
  2. Use floral cutters to trim stem lengths as desired – mix up heights.
  3. Shape the foam hydrangea heads with fingers – bend and fluff to look natural.
  4. Use green floral tape to bind several stems together into mini-bouquets if desired.
  5. Arrange in a vase or container. Place close or spread apart depending on look preferred.
  6. Angle the heads in different directions for a natural, organic look.
  7. Intermingle hydrangeas with other flowers like roses or carnations and filler greenery.
  8. Display the finished floral arrangement as a centerpiece, on sideboards, as part of an event display, or anywhere else that needs a lovely touch of hydrangeas!

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3. BOMAROLAN Artificial Baby Breath Flowers Fake Gypsophila Bouquets – View On Amazon

What Are BOMAROLAN Artificial Baby Breath Flowers? 

For affordable, fuss-free floral filler, BoMarolan’s artificial baby’s breath is a great find. Their gypsophila bushes capture the delicate, fluffy look of a real baby’s breath. Tiny white fabric flower 21″length flower, 3″diameter head sit atop thin stems made of bendable wire. 

This lets you shape the stems into natural curves. The fabric perfectly imitates the paper-like petals of a baby’s breath. 

Why Use Blue Artificial Flower Baby’s Breath in Arrangements

Artificial baby’s breath offers advantages for flower arranging:

  1. Provides fullness and visual interest as filler around main flowers
  2. The light and airy look contrasts beautifully with roses, peonies, etc.
  3. Long lasting alternative to delicate real baby’s breath
  4. Easy to work with – can bend and shape stems as desired
  5. Cost effective way to create lavish bouquets and flower arrangements
  6. Available year-round in consistent supply

Tips for Incorporating Baby’s Breath

  1. Use to create shape and volume – wrap around bouquet edges or flower bases
  2. Intermingle between flower stems for delicate filler and textural contrast
  3. Place stems individually in small bud vases on tables for accent greenery
  4. Allow long stems to trail down edges of centerpieces
  5. Highlight white baby’s breath with flowers inbold, vibrant jewel tones
  6. Mix into entryway florals to greet guests with beautiful breathability

Why Choose BoMarolan Artificial Baby’s Breath?

BoMarolan offers high quality artificial baby’s breath for flower arranging:

Pros and Cons of BoMarolan Baby’s Breath

Pros Cons
Good realistic appearance Only available in white and pastel colors
Longer 16 inch stems Fabric can look a bit artificial up close
Convenient bulk packs of 25, 50 or 100 stems Bendable but not posable wire
Very affordable pricing Limited curling and movement
Bendable stems for shaping Ships from overseas – can take weeks to arrive
It works well mixed in arrangements

Buying Guide for Fake Baby’s Breath 

Factors to consider when buying an artificial baby’s breath:

Pro tip: White works with any floral color scheme.

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4. Artificial Jasmine Flowers – View On Amazon

Blue Artificial Flowers

What are Artificial Jasmine Flowers?

These lovely artificial jasmine flowers will infuse your home with graceful beauty. Tiny fabric blossoms just half an inch across realistically mimic the delicate look of natural jasmine. 

Each pack contains 10 long artificial flowers with a velvety soft finish. You can find jasmine either as individual 29.5 inches tall or bendable vine garlands. Many even have a light floral scent, just like the real thing! 

Artificial jasmine is perfect for effortless decor, whether displayed in vases, woven into wreaths, or incorporated into bouquets and centerpieces. They provide an affordable, fuss-free alternative to growing real jasmine.

Why Use Artificial Jasmine Flowers for Décor

Faux jasmine flowers offer many advantages for home décor:

Tips for Decorating with Fake Jasmine

  1. Wrap jasmine vines around candle pillars and vases for a romantic accent.
  2. Intertwine into headpieces, corsages, boutonnieres and bouquets for weddings.
  3. Weave small jasmine vines into table runners as inexpensive centerpiece accents.
  4. Display jasmine flower stems in slender bud vases on shelves or side tables.
  5. Incorporate jasmine garlands into wall hangings, swags, wreaths for texture.
  6. Pair white jasmine with light blues and greens for refreshing spring decor combinations.

Why Choose Artificial Jasmine Flowers for Decorating

Artificial jasmine offers many advantages as a decor option:

  1. Provides Delicate Graceful Look:  Tiny blooms add beauty and visual interest.
  2. Realistic Details:  Fabric petals and velvety textures convincingly mimic real jasmine.
  3. Sweet Added Fragrance:  Many are scented with a floral aroma like fresh jasmine.
  4. Easy Flexibility:  Bendable vines and stems make DIY shaping and weaving simple.
  5. Long Lasting Bloom:  Provides months of pristine decorative flowers vs short-lived real jasmine.
  6. Cost Effective:  Affordable fake jasmine costs less than real jasmine that must be frequently replaced.
  7. Low Maintenance:  Don’t have to worry about water, sunlight, or, pruning like live plants.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Jasmine

Pros Cons
Delicate realistic appearance Lacks the true fresh fragrance of real jasmine
Sweet added floral scent Less flexibility than natural vines
Long lasting decorative blooms Limited mostly to white/ivory flower color
Easy to work with and shape Can look artificial up extremely close
Cost effective compared to real flowers
Low maintenance, no watering needed
Available year-round

Buying Guide for Artificial Jasmine Flowers

When shopping for fake jasmine flowers, consider:

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5. LUSHIDI Silk Hydrangea Heads with Stems Artificial Flowers – View On Amazon

Blue Artificial Flowers

What Are LUSHIDI Silk

Lushidi’s faux hydrangeas boast stunning realism at affordable prices. Their large hydrangea, 10 pieces across, has a big floral impact. Latex centers give the heads volume, while soft fabric petals recreate the delicate clustered hydrangea look. 

With diameter:7″, height:4.7″, stems length:9″, 54 petals in each bloom let you shape the blooms as desired. Choose between lively shades of petals to suit your style. For lavish arrangements, pick up their money-saving packs of 10 or 20 matching hydrangea stems. 

The realistic details and colors make these a gorgeous way to enjoy low maintenance hydrangeas year-round.

Why Use Artificial Hydrangeas in Floral Designs

Fake hydrangeas offer many benefits for home décor and events:

Tips for Decorating with Faux Hydrangeas

  1. Use blue or purple varieties to complement silver vases and décor items.
  2. Pair white hydrangeas with vibrant jewel tone flowers for dramatic pops of color.
  3. Create mini hydrangea bushes by clustering several stems together.
  4. Use floral cutters to trim stems to varying heights for dimension.
  5. Allow a few heads to gracefully droop downward for organic asymmetry.
  6. Weave individual stems into garlands, wreaths and wall hangings for texture.

Why Choose Lushidi Fake Hydrangeas?

Lushidi artificial hydrangeas are a great choice for faux floral decor:

  1. Excellent Realism:  From a distance you’d never know they aren’t real hydrangeas. Even up close they look quite convincing.
  2. Good Variety:  Available in blue/purple, vivid pink or classic white shades to suit your decor.
  3. Poseable Stems:  Flexible wires allow stems to bend, shape as desired for arrangements.
  4. Generous Pack Sizes:  Get 10 or 20 matching heads for full centerpieces and decor.
  5. Cost Effective:  Much more affordable than replacing real hydrangeas weekly.

Tips for Beginners Working with Faux Flowers

If artificial flowers are new to you, these tips can help:

  1. Choose a high quality brand known for realistic flowers like Lushidi. Inspect details closely.
  2. Use sharp floral scissors or cutters when trimming stems to length. Remove excess foliage.
  3. Bend flexible stems and wire to achieve lifelike curved shapes.
  4. Use clear floral tape or wire if needed to attach multiple stems together. Provides stability.
  5. Arrange stems evenly spaced or clustered together for different looks.
  6. Mix in various flowers, filler plants like baby’s breath for fullest impact.
  7. Dust artificial blooms occasionally to keep vibrant, dust-free colors.

Pros and Cons of Lushidi Hydrangeas

Pros Cons
Excellent realistic details Prone to occasional shedding petals
Large 7-10 inch heads for full impact Limited mostly to white/blue/pink colors
Flexible poseable stems Not as thick and sturdy as real hydrangea
Good color variety
Sold in convenient bulk packs
Cost effective for realistic hydrangea decor

Buying Guide for Artificial Hydrangeas

When shopping for artificial hydrangeas, look for:

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Final thoughts

I hope this review of blue artificial flowers is useful for you. I tried to cover all domains of it, as I promised at the start of the blog post that this blog will save you time and effort and provide you with all the details of these products. I hope I’ll come with this promise. In conclusion, let’s find out what you have seen in this blue artificial flowers review blog post. 

Bring Your Décor Visions to Life with Realistic Blue Artificial Flowers

You want to add beautiful, vibrant floral accents to your home or event decor. But who has time for the hassle of constantly replacing dead flowers? Wilted blooms that shed everywhere just won’t cut it.

These blue artificial flowers are the worry-free solution you’ve been searching for.

With quality faux flowers that mimic nature’s beauty, you can:

This blog guide breaks down exactly what to look for and popular options to suit your style.

When choosing faux flowers, consider:

In the end take inspiration from our decorating ideas to showcase blue artificial flowers at their best.

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