Choosing the right artificial grass for balcony can totally transform your outdoor space. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the best one?

I tested out a bunch of best artificial grass specifically made for balconies and want to share my experiences to help you find one that will work perfectly for you.

The best artificial grass for balconies needs to check off a few key boxes. It has to be durable enough to handle sun, rain, pets and feet. But it also can’t weigh too much or it could exceed your balcony’s load limits. 

I found some best lightweight artificial grass for balcony that still feel soft and lush. The artificial grass also needs to look realistic – the closer to real grass the better. Varied green hues and a thatch layer helps mimic nature.

 Hopefully, covering the pros and cons of the top picks will help you pick the perfect grass for your space and lifestyle.

Top 5 Artificial Grasses for Balconies

After comparing dozens of products, here are 5 of the best artificial grasses specifically designed for balcony use:

  1. MOBI Outdoor 2m x 5m Artificial Grass Turf
  2. XLX Artificial Grass Mat Squares for Balcony
  3. GO Garden GO Artificial Grass for Patio & Balcony
  4. LokLok Premium Artificial Grass Mats Interlocking Tiles
  5. PETgrower Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Balcony Turf

I’ll provide a detailed review of each option below to help you select the right one for your needs and budget.

Comparison Table Of The 5 Artificial Grass For Balconies

Product Weight Installation Realism Drainage Pet Friendly Comfort Price Point
MOBI Outdoor Lightweight Grass rolls for easy install Very realistic Foam backing prevents pooling Gentle for feet and pets Not the softest Good value
XLX Mats Extremely lightweight Interlocking squares, no glue Less realistic Allows drainage Cushioned backing comfortable for pets Soft, spongy Affordable
GO Garden GO Lightweight No adhesive required Realistic appearance Okay drainage Withstands pets Not the softest Budget price
LokLok Tiles Very lightweight Interlocks without glue Realistic varied blades Crosshatch backing for drainage Foam is comfortable Cushioned foam backing Mid-range
PETgrower Lightweight Easy installation Realistic height Integrated drainage system Made specifically for pets Soft texture Somewhat pricy

1. MOBI Outdoor 2m x 5m Artificial Grass Turf – View On Amazon

MOBI Outdoor offers premium artificial grass designed specifically for balcony and patio applications. Their 2m x 5m rolls are perfect for transforming small spaces into lush green oases.

Why Use MOBI Outdoor Artificial Grass for Balconies

What Is MOBI Outdoor Artificial Grass?

MOBI Outdoor artificial grass is made from durable, UV-protected polyethylene blades with a realistic mix of blade shapes and varied colors including greens, yellows, browns and beiges. 

A thatch layer mimics real grass. The 20mm pile height provides a lush, full look.

The durable foam backing allows for easy installation on balconies and prevents water pooling while providing insulation. 

MOBI Outdoor grass meets fire safety standards and is lead-free and non-toxic.

Why Choose MOBI Outdoor Artificial Grass?

MOBI Outdoor is an excellent choice for the following reasons:

Tips for Decorating with MOBI Outdoor Grass


For those looking to add a lush green lawn to their balcony, MOBI Outdoor artificial grass is an excellent option. With durable and realistic blades paired with a lightweight foam backing, it is purpose made for balcony use.

The premium quality comes at a reasonable price point making this grass a great value. Just roll it out and transform your balcony into an oasis!

2. XLX Artificial Grass Mat Squares for Balcony – View On Amazon

XLX artificial grass mat squares provide a versatile and lightweight option for adding greenery to balcony spaces. The interlocking squares are simple to install and easy to reconfigure.

Why Use XLX Grass Mats on Balconies?

What Are XLX Artificial Grass Mats?

XLX grass mats utilise anti-UV protected polyethylene and polypropylene grass blades to simulate the look of natural lawn. The blades are high for a lush appearance.

The sponge pad backing allows for drainage and comfort underfoot. 

The interlocking squares connect simply with the tab system to create a seamless lawn.

Made specifically for balconies and roof gardens, the system meets typical balcony weight loads.

Why Choose XLX Grass Mats?

XLX grass mats are a great choice for balcony spaces for these reasons:

Tips for Using XLX Grass on Balconies


For balconies and patios, XLX artificial grass mats offer a versatile and lightweight grass solution. The interchangeable squares install without adhesive or fasteners, making them easy to integrate into small spaces. 

While the appearance is not as realistic as some alternatives, the XLX system is easy to maintain and comfortable underfoot. For DIYers with weight-limited balconies, XLX mats provide a practical grass flooring option.

View On Amazon

3. GO Garden GO Artificial Grass for Patio & Balcony – View On Amazon

GO Garden GO’s artificial grass is an affordable pick specifically tailored for balcony and patio spaces. The lightweight turf is quick to install and easy to maintain.

Why Use GO Garden GO Grass on Balconies?

What is GO Garden GO Artificial Grass?

GO Garden GO grass uses a combination of polyethylene and polypropylene grass blades to achieve a lush, full, and realistic appearance. 

The latex backing provides stability and drainage while keeping the total weight light enough for balconies. The grass is UV protected and stain resistant. There are no toxic materials used.

Why Choose GO Garden GO?

GO Garden GO makes a great choice for these reasons:

Tips for Using GO Garden GO Grass on Balconies


For those seeking an easy artificial grass option tailored to balcony use, GO Garden GO is a great choice. The DIY-friendly rolls install without adhesive or fasteners and maintain a convincing, lush green look with minimal maintenance. 

While not the softest or most durable option, it strikes an excellent balance of practicality and realism at a reasonable price point. For balcony grass on a budget, GO Garden GO is a great pick.

View On Amazon

4. LokLok Premium Artificial Grass Interlocking Tiles – View On Amazon

LokLok Premium artificial grass tiles allow for simple DIY installation to add a lush lawn to patio and balcony areas. The interconnecting system installs without adhesive.

Why Use LokLok Grass Tiles on Balconies?

What are LokLok Premium Grass Tiles?

LokLok Premium tiles use UV-protected polyethylene and polypropylene grass blades for optimal durability outdoors. 

The blade height delivers a plush appearance. The crosshatch EVA foam backing provides drainage, insulation and a soft texture underfoot. The bottom locking system allows the tiles to interlock securely without adhesive.

Why Choose LokLok Premium?

LokLok Premium grass tiles are ideal for balconies for these reasons:

Tips for Using LokLok Tiles on Balconies


LokLok Premium provides a versatile, lightweight artificial grass solution well-suited to balconies. The durable interlocking tiles install without glue and their soft foam backing makes them safe and comfortable for families and pets

While they require occasional maintenance to keep looking pristine, LokLok tiles enable DIYers to transform small spaces into lush green getaways with ease.

View On Amazon

5. PETgrower Pet Friendly Artificial Grass for Balconies – View On Amazon

PETgrower artificial turf is designed specifically with pets in mind, featuring materials and properties ideal for dogs. This makes it a great solution for pet owners wanting a potty-friendly balcony grass option.

Why Use PETgrower Grass on Balconies?

What is PETgrower Artificial Grass?

PETgrower uses UV-protected polyethylene grass blades that are non-toxic for dogs. The blade height provides comfort and realistic appearance.

It features an integrated drainage system with foam backing and mesh that allows liquids to flow through the grass. This prevents pooling or puddling on the surface.

The system is designed specifically for pets, resisting odors, stains, discoloration and deterioration from urine.

Why Choose PETgrower?

PETgrower balcony grass is a great choice for pet owners for these reasons:

Tips for Using PETgrower with Pets


View On Amazon

Final Thoughts:

And there you have it – a detailed look at five of the best artificial grasses for transforming your balcony into a private green oasis! Each option has its own pros and cons, but overall, they provide practical, low maintenance solutions to add a lush lawn to small spaces.

I recommend getting samples of any artificial grass for balcony you’re considering to see the quality up close.

Have a balcony grass recommendation or experience to share? Leave a comment below to help others picking the perfect grass for their space!

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